Travel Channel to Debut New Show: Large White Guy Will Travel Somewhere, Do Idiotic Shit

New York, NY: Today, the pop­u­lar Travel Chan­nel has announced the debut of an entirely new show fea­tur­ing a large white man who will travel places and do all sorts of idi­otic shit while pro­vid­ing charm­ing breezy com­men­tary. The new … Con­tinue read­ing


South Asian Parents Pressure Kids to Become Sitcom Actors, Stand-Up Comics; Demand Highest Marks in Self Deprecation

Arte­sia, CA: From Mindy Kaling to Aziz Ansari to Kunal Nayya to Danny Pudi to Kumail Nan­jian, quirky lov­able South Asians are a dime a dozen on main­stream media — and wiley South Asian par­ents aim to cash in on … Con­tinue read­ing


Study Shows Lascivious Gossip Spreads 489% Faster in Indian Call Centers

Amma, you will not believe what has hap­pened today at the office…” “I heard they did such dirty things at the Telecomm con­fer­ence last year in Ban­ga­lore…” “I can’t believe that filthy woman is car­ry­ing on like that with her … Con­tinue read­ing


19 Year Old Double Major in Middle Eastern Studies & Economics Has Unsolicited Opinion on Everything

Wash­ing­ton, D.C.: From US tax pol­icy to address­ing ten­sions between Shi­ite and Sunni Mus­lims in Iraq to solv­ing unem­ploy­ment in Europe and the polit­i­cal his­tory of Chech­nya, 19 year old col­lege stu­dent Jason Wright feels entirely com­fort­able… Con­tinue read­ing


Facebook COO Cheryl Sandberg “Leans In” Too Far, Falls Breasts-First into Miserable, Empty Life

In between hur­riedly read­ing an abbre­vi­ated ver­sion of “The Very Hun­gry Cater­pil­lar” to her chil­dren before throw­ing them into bed, lik­ing and com­ment­ing on all of Mark Zuckerberg’s Face­book posts, answer­ing 267 emails, mak­ing terse dis­tracted love to her hus­band, … Con­tinue read­ing