Dermatologists Denounce Ocean Acidification, Fear Anti-Aging Potential on Shriveled Women

Malibu, CA: An impressive group of top-notch US Dermatologists have joined the fight against climate change, com­ing out aggres­sively against envi­ron­men­tal degra­da­tion. . . Continue reading


Travel Channel to Debut New Show: Large White Guy Will Travel Somewhere, Do Idiotic Shit

New York, NY: Today, the popular Travel Channel has announced the debut of an entirely new show featuring a large white man who will travel places and do all sorts of idiotic shit while providing charming breezy commentary. The new … Continue reading


South Asian Parents Pressure Kids to Become Sitcom Actors, Stand-Up Comics; Demand Highest Marks in Self Deprecation

Artesia, CA: From Mindy Kaling to Aziz Ansari to Kunal Nayya to Danny Pudi to Kumail Nanjian, quirky lovable South Asians are a dime a dozen on mainstream media – and wiley South Asian parents aim to cash in on … Continue reading


Study Shows Lascivious Gossip Spreads 489% Faster in Indian Call Centers

“Amma, you will not believe what has happened today at the office…” “I heard they did such dirty things at the Telecomm conference last year in Bangalore. . .” “I can’t believe that filthy woman is carrying on like that … Continue reading


19 Year Old Double Major in Middle Eastern Studies & Economics Has Unsolicited Opinion on Everything

Washington, D.C.: From US tax policy to addressing tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq to solving unemployment in Europe and the political history of Chechnya, 19 year old college student Jason Wright feels entirely comfortable… Continue reading