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This is the author's biographical blurb ... Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Curabitur molestie porttitor mi vitae vestibulum. Sed sit amet enim quis diam rutrum mollis sed sed diam. Sed at luctus est. Nunc eleifend ipsum ac sem luctus varius ultrices quis nibh. Curabitur nec sagittis metus. Donec tortor metus, adipiscing dignissim vehicula quis, lobortis sed ipsum. Integer gravida mauris a felis tristique non auctor sem luctus. Aenean tincidunt luctus blandit. Morbi quis quam velit, sed sodales urna. Maecenas quis mi odio, sed bibendum tortor. Phasellus iaculis lacus sit amet mi iaculis in gravida orci euismod. Vestibulum euismod feugiat commodo. Pellentesque ac elementum nunc. Etiam adipiscing vulputate tellus, nec eleifend ligula sollicitudin sed.
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45 Year Old Indian Housewife Wins All-Asia Staring Contest

Shanghai, China: Today, at the 9th annual All-Asia Staring Contest sponsored by Nair Hair Remover, Sushmila Mukherjee nabbed the highly coveted title of Asia’s Greatest Starer. In a region of the world where people are known for their uncanny ability … Continue reading


World’s Helium Supply Dwindling; Future Children to Sadly Drag Balloons Around, Hate Hologram Parents


Golden Globes 2013: Exciting Night of White People Giving Each Other Awards

Los Angeles, CA: This year marked yet another thrilling, skinny, and pale night of white people from all over the world giving other white people accolades for their accomplishments in telling white people stories on television and in film. Narratives … Continue reading



A man named Vishveshwara Brahmaramba lived in Vijayawada, India. He had a good friend named K.R. Gorthipalle and they spent much time together – in fact, Gorthipalle was such a close confidant that he helped Brahmaramba apply his monthly henna, … Continue reading


Egyptian Archaeologists Make Incredible Discovery; Skinny Sarcophaguses Were All the Rage in Ancient Egypt

Similar to the current popular skinny jeans trend, while these skinny sarcophaguses made the dead appear to be sleek, trim, and attractive from the thighs downward, they suffered from serious shortcomings anywhere above that point. Continue reading

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