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The Case of the Bandaged Toe Bandit — PART III! The FINALE!

(Click to read Part I & Part II) When we arrived at the Lopez Funeral Home, we could barely get through the door. Hun­dreds of Mex­ico City res­i­dents had show up to pay their respects to the revered Mr. Alvarez. … Con­tinue read­ing


The Case of the Bandaged Toe Bandit — Part II

(click here to read PART I) Coyoc entered my office at ten min­utes before two o’clock with a broad smile fill­ing his face. “I have had a most pro­duc­tive time con­duct­ing research today. Very, very use­ful,” said Coyoc, “One moment, I … Con­tinue read­ing


The Case of the Bandaged-Toe Bandit — PART 1

I attempt this account as a means to write the story behind the sto­ry­teller. I want to be clear that I myself am a mere dilet­tante in the lit­er­ary. I am a hum­ble mechanic by pro­fes­sion whose mind is more … Con­tinue read­ing


South Asian Parents Pressure Kids to Become Sitcom Actors, Stand-Up Comics; Demand Highest Marks in Self Deprecation

Arte­sia, CA: From Mindy Kaling to Aziz Ansari to Kunal Nayya to Danny Pudi to Kumail Nan­jian, quirky lov­able South Asians are a dime a dozen on main­stream media — and wiley South Asian par­ents aim to cash in on … Con­tinue read­ing


Study Shows Lascivious Gossip Spreads 489% Faster in Indian Call Centers

Amma, you will not believe what has hap­pened today at the office…” “I heard they did such dirty things at the Telecomm con­fer­ence last year in Ban­ga­lore…” “I can’t believe that filthy woman is car­ry­ing on like that with her … Con­tinue read­ing

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