Monthly Archives: December 2011

SuperShuttle Enters Space-Time Warp; Rider Arrives At Home Before She Even Left

Miami: Yesterday, Maria Vasquez experienced a most bizarre occurrence. As she was packing up her luggage, preparing for SuperShuttle to pick her up and take her to the airport for her flight to Puerto Rico, she heard a knock at … Continue reading


Millionaires Lobby for Billionaires Tax

“Being a millionaire is nothing nowadays,” claimed Rajesh Kapoor, 99.999999% organizer and recent Silicon Valley millionaire after developing a new Android app that reminds you hourly to brush your teeth. Continue reading


Egyptian Archaeologists Make Incredible Discovery; Skinny Sarcophaguses Were All the Rage in Ancient Egypt

Similar to the current popular skinny jeans trend, while these skinny sarcophaguses made the dead appear to be sleek, trim, and attractive from the thighs downward, they suffered from serious shortcomings anywhere above that point. Continue reading