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The final clue — the MISPRINT MYSTERY part IV

Alarm­ingly, at dawn the fol­low­ing day, I found that my father had not return — undoubt­edly under the spell of that treach­er­ous vixen.  I quickly ran out our home, dressed in noth­ing more than my night clothes, in search of … Con­tinue read­ing


Enter…the duplicitous seductress — The MISPRINT MYSTERY part III

The fol­low­ing day, after uncov­er­ing dis­turb­ing clues in the garage and my par­ents’ bed­room, I wit­nessed another most unset­tling hap­pen­ing. I was locked away in my room dili­gently at work, tem­pes­tu­ous rain mer­ci­lessly beat­ing down on the roof as it … Con­tinue read­ing


The Plot THICKENS — the MISPRINT MYSTERY continues…

The next day, I hap­pened into my par­ents’ bed­room while they were out and wit­nessed this ter­ri­fy­ing dis­play…no doubt related to the unset­tling scene I had been sub­ject to just the day before. Who in my home is a seri­ous … Con­tinue read­ing


MISPRINT MYSTERY — Can you solve this elusive puzzle?

Los Ange­les, CA: While vis­it­ing my par­ents’ home, I went into the garage to get some­thing out of the car when, in the mid­dle of con­crete oil stained floor, I stum­bled across this macabre scene. Con­tinue read­ing


Vietnamese Teargas Masks — LUXURY EDITION — Perfect for #OWS protestors

Don’t hate, coor­di­nate. And THEN agi­tate. Con­tinue read­ing

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