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Immigrant Parent Lives Vicariously Through Child; Contracts STD


Micro-Credit Banks Foreclose on Mortgaged Assets; Unsure of What To Do With 23 Million Goats, Cows, and Chickens

. . . Continue reading


Failure of Free Market Capitalism Linked to Sky Mall Magazine

Economists cite Sky Mall Magazine, a catalog found on airlines across America, as the harbinger of the imminent collapse of capitalism. Continue reading


Retired Bureaucrat Shocked At His Own Insignificance Turns To General Harassment

SECUNDERABAD: Retirement from a vital desk job is never easy, but Bochampalli Reddy, Cashier at the Secunderabad Municipality Public Works Department, has taken his disintegrating faculty of everyday significance very poorly. In an astounding month of degeneration, Reddy has moved … Continue reading


Secret Journal of Gandhi Discovered; Outlined Political Movement to Follow Independence

“February 10, 1945: Attempted to take much needed afternoon nap around 2 pm. Unsuccessful. A rooster crowed continually for one hour.” Continue reading

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