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Congress Approves “No Child Left Behind Field Trip Amendment”

Washington DC: After months of campaigning by the Obama Administration, today Congress passed an amendment to Bush-era “No Child Left Behind” public education legislation known as the “No Child Left Behind Field Trip Amendment”. The initiative ensures that when students … Continue reading


Finance Official Suffers Carrom Board Bludgeoning, Severe Baby Powder Inhalation

Standing at a podium with his thumbs and index fingers wrapped heavily in bandages and oxygen tubes stuffed past illustrious bushes of nasal hair Continue reading


Grammar Check.


MISPRINT TUTORIALS: How to get your mango on.

Please have your mango ready. Continue reading


Revolutionaries Hold City Council Lobby Day

New York, NY: Yesterday, hundreds of leftist revolutionaries from across New York City gathered at City Hall to hold their first lobby day. Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, guerrilla insurgents and other revolutionaries split up into groups of ten. . . Continue reading

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