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Tibetan Buddhist Monks Start Soccer Team; No One With Ego To Score Goal

London: Last week, ten Tibetan Buddhist Monks created a soccer team, aiming to travel the world and use the sport as a way to highlight religious oppression under the Chinese government. While turnout to their first game against famous London … Continue reading


Undocumented Workers at Meatpacking Plant Thrown in Jail, Hot Dog Eating Contest Called Off

Waterloo, Iowa: In temporary courtrooms at the Iowa State County Fair in Waterloo, 260 undocumented immigrants were sentenced to five months in prison for working at a meatpacking plant with false documents. The convicted immigrants were among hundreds detained in … Continue reading


U.S. Bikram Yoga Company Opens Studio on Subcontinent, Discovers India Already Hot as Hell

Chennai: The U.S. based company “Hot Yoga!” focusing on Bikram Yoga recently held a lush grand opening of its newest subcontinental branch in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. However, the company has experienced a number of troubles during its opening week, the … Continue reading


Nepali Man Inadvertently at Forefront of Fashion

Kathmandu, Nepal: We stopped Lhakpa Karmacharya, a Nepali man, on the streets of Kathmandu spouting the new Western hipster look – an effortless cool demonstrated through extremely tight fitting pants, unkempt haircuts, and. . . Continue reading


Korean Mother’s Passive Aggressive Comment Descends Household into Confusion

Monterey Park, CA: No one knew exactly what she meant when she said “Go. . .if you want to.” Continue reading

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